Extra ordinary Customer Support.. I strongly Recommend this to every one..!

Mohammed Ali

Excellent site to have benefits while buying online. Customer care support is ultra responsive. I believe this is the only site which gives maximum cashback when compared to others. And to add, want to buy something? just ping them in twitter, they will analyze and tell you, where and when to buy.

Ragupathi Raja

CashMint is the best and reliable online shopping website thus far with Cash Back option...I will strongly recommend this site to my friends, colleagues and everyone...Way to go Guys...

Karthik Kannan

Cashmint is being modest by saying that it is a cashback site. But they are more than that. They provide you product suggestions, find best deals for you and finally they are so open and transparent in providing cashbacks! Wishing them more success!

Ravindran Ramasamy

I Like this site very much..! Good Customer Support.!

Rm Bhamre

Only site that I am aware of, where the Cashback reaches you faster than the product you ordered and an excellent customer support where issues are sorted out immediately and delays (if any) are informed well in advance. The team has never failed to "WOW" the customer and make sure that they visit "EVERY TIME"

Rajesh Krishnamoorthy


Have been using cashmint since their initial days as getbestprice for my online shopping. Amazed by their timely cashback service & customer support. Had no issues in redeeming my cashback amount as well. From my experience I would recommend friends to make use of cashmint to save more in their online shopping..!



I have shopped in a number if online sites but my experience with cashmint has been the best so far. I have bought a lot of things from here and I have got upto Rs 5000 cash back which great since and it has a quick service. I keep recommending my friends to use this site because of its great service. THANK YOU!!!



CashMint is a portal that I like and will continue to use. I like the interface and like that it tracks my clicks. I have never had any issues with them and am fine with CashMint. Of course we will see if these high payouts continue, but for now I'll add it to my list of portals that I use and click through whenever they have the highest payout!

Anburaja K


Cashmint is by far the best site which offers cash back.What i like most is their Customer service. They are easily reachable on time, every time. Shop online? Then, cash back is the first site you should visit. Easy - click, buy and then you've saved yourself money. Thank you Cashmint. For making life a little bit cheaper!!



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